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A proven stop smoking plan tailored to your needs by an expert advisor.
Four check-ins to boost you through the first month.
24/7 access to advisors outside these times.
Endless support from other quitters in our chat.
Plus all the Pro features too.
The most comprehensive program of stop smoking support ever put into an app.
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“This app literally changed my life! 100% recommend.”

Melissa R

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One of our expert advisors will customise a proven stop smoking plan to your preferences and needs.–-1.png
Check-in once a week for four weeks. We’ll help you identify what’s working, fix what isn’t and get you set-up for the week ahead. Telling us you haven’t smoked feels so good you’ll want to do it again and again.–-2.png
Advisors are available 24/7 outside check-ins. Chat to them whenever you want as often as you need for the duration of the plan. We’re here if you have an emergency, have a question or just want to hear ‘well done’.–-1.png
Help from other quitters is also available 24/7 in our chat. The support of people who really get what you’re going through is reassuring, strengthening and just wonderful to receive.–-1.png
Advisors drop-in to the chat four times a day. Feel free to ask them any question about quitting, if you like, or just observe the discussion – there’s lots to be gained from that alone.–-1.png
Plus you get all the Pro features too: the quit coach chatbot, daily missions, customisable dashboard, more badges, more help with cravings and more, forever.–-1.png
Our advisors are National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) practitioners, the world-renowned body for stop smoking advice. Most are ex-smokers and all have years of experience helping people quit. They are really supportive, completely non-judgemental and know how to help you succeed. Our stop smoking plan adapts and adds to the NCSCT’s Standard Treatment Programme, a hugely successful, evidence-based and effective stop smoking programme used throughout the UK.
“Smoke Free is the only app to deliver behavioural support according to the NCSCT Standard Treatment Programme.” Dr Andy McEwen, Executive Director, NCSCT

A proven stop smoking plan tailored to your needs by an expert advisor | Four check-ins to boost you through the first month | 24/7 access to advisors outside these times | Endless support from other quitters in our chat | Plus all the Pro features too.

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The most popular stop smoking app on the planet
5 million downloads
Used by 300,000 people in 200 countries every month
Over 160,000 5-star reviews

“The best quitting app I’ve ever used, absolutely fabulous! I want to spread the word about this amazing product.”


Designed and built by experts

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Proven to work scientifically

People who used the missions (daily stop smoking tasks) were twice as likely to quit as people who used the basic features of the app (link)
People who used the chatbot were twice as likely to quit as people who used the missions (link)


"Total first class support. After 30 years of smoking I could not have quit without this app."


Feel great about all you’re achieving

See how long you’ve been smoke free, how much money you’ve saved, the cigarettes not smoked and health improvements made. Over 90 badges, tons of celebratory gifs and a certificate of excellence for all your major quitting milestones

Money Saved
Money Saved
Time Smoke Free
3m 15d 10h
Cigarettes not smoked
Cigarettes not smoked

"This app is helping save my life. This is by far my favorite “quit smoking” tool, it has helped me so much to remain accountable. Will definitely recommend this app to anyone trying to quit smoking."


You're helping others quit too

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We give the Pro features of the app to a smoker in a low income country with each purchase made.

“I never thought I’d be able to quit smoking, but this app helped me SO MUCH!!”