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We'll also remind you regularly what you've saved financially - all that's left for you is to decide what to treat yourself with is all that extra cash!

The Smoke Free Method is based on the latest behavioural science and proven in psychological studies
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Melissa R

12 months of support
Daily drop-in clinics throughout the day for you to attend whenever you like
Unrivalled support from people just like you who have been where you are. This is proven to be a large part of people's success.
Help dealing with cravings and withdrawal, being around other smokers, getting through difficult situations and bouncing back from a lapse
A dashboard full of ways to feel great about all that you have achieved and gained.
Choose from 15 different stop smoking tools and over 40 behaviour change techniques
Your quit - your way. We're behind you every step of the way.

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Proven to work scientifically

People who used the missions (daily stop smoking tasks) were twice as likely to quit as people who used the basic features of the app (link)
People who used the chatbot were twice as likely to quit as people who used the missions (link)


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Feel great about all you’re achieving

See how long you’ve been smoke free, how much money you’ve saved, the cigarettes not smoked and health improvements made. Over 90 badges, tons of celebratory gifs and a certificate of excellence for all your major quitting milestones

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Money Saved
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Time Smoke Free
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Cigarettes not smoked

"This app is helping save my life. This is by far my favorite “quit smoking” tool, it has helped me so much to remain accountable. Will definitely recommend this app to anyone trying to quit smoking."


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